Perforated Metal Mesh

Perforated Metal Mesh


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Jindexin Metal Products Co.,Ltd produces Perforated Plate, using various raw materials including steel, stainless steel, and aluminum depending on customer requirements. the quality of our plate is unmatched. our Perforated capabilities are complimented by many additional capabilities including shearing, bending, rolling, welding, and heat treating. we take great pride in our ability to perforate a large range of material sizes and gauges .as we consider ourselves to be a full service perforator.
Perforated Metals-Round Hole Pattern
Perforated round hole pattern is the most popular tye.60°Degree Staggered Centers round hole are the most popular of all pattern types because of their inherent strength, their multitude of varied open area, and their attractive appearance. An alternate to the standard pattern is 45°degree staggered centers. Straight center round hole patterns are available in various sizes and open areas, but they are the weakest of the round hole pattern.
Perforated Metals-Square Hole Pattern
Perforated square hole patter can provide a greater open area than round holes, but are relatively low in strength, thus making them ideal for application requiring good visibility. So it is widely used for shop fitting display and machine guards.
Perforated Metals-Slot Hole Pattern
Perforated slot hole pattern has elongated holes with rounded or square ends. Round-slot, side staggered patterns are particularly well suited to sorting and grading solids that flow over the width dimension of the material, and straight patterns are ideal for sorting and grading solids when used in a vibrating application.
Perforated Metals-Usage for Decorative
The usage for decorative perforated metal is endless. It is ideally suited for a wide range of architectural and designing applications. Many customers use decorative metal to make cabinets, background, walls and furniture etc. there are numerous kinds of decorative types to choose.
Perforated Mesh Types:Round, Square, Rectangular; Decorative, Special designs according to the specifications upon request.
Perforated Metal :Do customer made orders
Perforated metal material:stainless steel,galvanized steel,pain steel,aluminum.
Perforated metal hole size:0.20 to 200mm(limited panel size for hole from 0.2-0.9mm)
Perforated metal thickness:0.05-8.00mm
Dimensions:1.0*2.0m,4*8ft,4*10ft or upon request
Perforated metal finishing:natural,oil painting,anodizing,and powder coating.
Hole arrangement:60 degrees,45 degrees,straight or architectural
Hole pattern:round,square,triangle,hexagonal,oblong,and architectural
High quality competitive price!
Perforated Metal Sheet, also named punched metal, is manufactured mainly in sheets, for limited width(not more than 350mm width),can be supplied in coils.
Material: galvanized steel sheet, plain steel sheet, aluminum sheet, stainless steel sheet, brass, copper, phosphor bronze sheet, mini hole perforated metal.
From various metal plates, punched openings can be round, square, triangle, diamond, hexagonal and cross.
     Hole type: round, square, slot, triangle, hexagonal or customized.
     Hole size: minimum 0.2mm (conditions apply)
     Thickness: 0.1 to 7.0mm
     Width: 1.0m/4feet
     Length: 2.0m/8feet
Applications: the opening size, density and forms of distribution can bring different functions in separation, sifting, filtration, drying, cooling, cleaning, roofing, architectural field.
Perforated Ceiling
Raw material of Perforated Ceiling: stainless steel plate, hot roll plate, cold roll plate, galvanized plate, aluminum plate, copper plate, all kinds of metal and non-metal plate.
The specification of the perforated metal are: minimum hole diameter 0.5mm, thickness of the plate between 0.05mm to 10mm. straight and staggered could be choose in hole pattern or arrangement
Hole shape of perforated metal: slot, round, square, hexagonal, diamond, scale and any special hole shape etc., as well as customer’s order according to the drawing supplied.
After the finished punching: planishing, checking flat, spraying anti-rust oil, spraying paint, PVC powder static spraying.
Perforated Ceiling, Metal Ceiling
Thickness: 0.4,0.5,0.6,0.7,0.8 and 0.9mm
Surface appearance: plane
Surface color: the color can be chosen with reference to the color swatch cards.
Surface treatment: polyester pre-painter, polyester powder sprayed, PET-PVC pre filmed
Packing: 20pieces per carton
Adopt the high grade alloy aluminum sheet to take shape by machinery cutting, punched hole,squeezing, the surface may carry on craft processing that spray coating, film coated, according to the demand and so on. It is perfect for engineering and home decoration as the ideal selection for swimming pool, office, kitchen, toilet, exhibition and non standard ceiling for various buildings.
With fashion design, novel & charming colors, aluminum ceiling board meets customers both in home and abroad.

Product Origin: Anping county,Hebei P.R.,China
Model Number: jdx-05
Brand Name: jdx

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